The Mana

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Our journey began with the Mana

The ‘Mana’

Our journey began with the Mana, a boat that came all the way from Scotland and originally served as a life raft dating back to the late 1900’s. When the Mana came to us, she was not in the best state. In Amsterdam North the Mana was re-built, she was fully electricized and over the last few years gradually more changes have been made. The boat was first re-purposed in 2018 and after the re-building process was complete, she was ready to sail the Dutch canals. In the spring of 2023, we gave her the last re-fit, she was given a full make-over! After many months of hard work, sanding, and so many layers of varnish we have lost count, she was ready!

The gorgeous woodwork and craftsmanship with the modern re-fit makes her one of the most beautiful boats on the Amsterdam canals. The Mana catches the eye of many guests as well as others on the street who ask questions about her – she really is one of a kind! A combination of uniquely refined detailing, luxurious seating and a plush mahogany finish makes the Mana a truly striking boat. She is the perfect choice to cruise around during the summer months, a fully electric and open boat in which you can enjoy Amsterdam’s breathtaking views from the water!