The Saloonsloep

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The latest addition to our fleet

The ‘Saloonsloep’

The latest addition to our fleet, the Saloonsloep is a charming boat with the shape of a sloep (open boat) complete with the design of a saloon boat. She is an old boat; the hull was originally built in 1963! An old sloep coming together with an old hull must meet modern day requirements and to meet these the boat had to undergo some changes. The hull has been glass-fibred to give it more strength, as the boat weighs approximately 12 tons. She is fully electric, meeting Amsterdam’s environmental regulations. She quietly cruises through the canals, a truly beautiful Dutch design!

This unique boat is the epitome of craftsmanship meeting the water. The beautifully refined woodwork, the cozy interior, an onboard toilet and small group size make the Saloonsloep an ideal boat for cruising the Amsterdam canals. The roof can fully open, providing spectacular views of the city’s beautiful architecture. The boat also has the option of an outside area for you to enjoy, as well as having the luxurious indoor interiors of a saloon. You may feel like you are relaxing in a floating living room as you watch the city go by!