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Welcome to Voyage Amsterdam.

Our mission is to offer an unparalleled unique boating experience in Amsterdam, combining modern elegance with exceptional service.

Vision and Experience

At Voyage Amsterdam, we redefine luxury boating. Cruise through Amsterdam’s iconic canals and discover hidden gems with our expert local guides. Our vision is to blend fine craftsmanship with insightful local knowledge, creating an unforgettable journey for each guest.

The Founders: Willem and Tamsin

Voyage Amsterdam was initiated by Willem and Tamsin, who were offered an opportunity to start their own venture while working for a previous employer in the boating industry. Together, they bring over 10 years of combined experience in the Amsterdam boating sector. Willem’s expertise in sailing and boat building, alongside Tamsin’s experience in hospitality perfectly complements their shared vision, leading to the establishment of Voyage Amsterdam.

Quality and Comfort

Every Voyage Amsterdam boat epitomizes luxury and attention to detail. From the exquisite onboard amenities to the sophisticated interiors, we ensure a cruising experience that is both elegant and comfortable.

Dedication to Quality and Service

Voyage Amsterdam is committed to providing a high-quality, authentic boating experience. Our foundation in hospitality and entrepreneurship inspires us to continually elevate our service, ensuring every voyage with us is not just a cruise, but a memorable, personalized experience.